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The Water Drought


Although drought conditions are primarily due to natural climate fluctuations, other things like population growth, wasteful use and climate change due to human interaction also play a role. Scientists say that human interaction and emissions can intensify the drought conditions by as much as 15-20%.

The current drought in the U.S. negatively impacts 18% of U.S. states and 21% of the southern states in the continental U.S. That means that over 100 million people in the U.S. today are effected by the drought. Drought conditions are going to happen, the questions for all of us is how are we contributing to them and what are we going to do to combat them. Today, Water Conservation is a huge environmental issue.

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Water: State of the Union


Water is life. The planet is 70% water. Our bodies are 70% water. Next to oxygen water is the next most essential element for life. With climate change and the impending drought we are urged to ration or conserve our water usage basically by decreasing our consumption. Most households lack a constructive means to conserve water without making some real lifestyle changes, either taking less or shorter showers, watering the garden less or not washing the car at home etc. And if we do not? Our water utility bill increases, at times drastically. In 2015 the Price of Water went up 6% in 30 Major U.S. Cities. Since 2010 the Cost of Water has risen over 40%! What can you do about it?

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Water Conservation Systems

Get educated on environmentally sound water conservation systems that can provide long-term sustainable solutions to save water and save money.

Grey Water Systems reuse the water you use inside your house. Water you use in your shower, bathroom sinks and laundry can safely be recycled for irrigation water for your garden and landscape. Quite literally it is like taking the water you paid for and using it “twice”.

Rain Water Capture or Rain Water Harvesting is simply the capturing, storing and distributing of rainwater for on-site use. What’s better than free water? Uses include water supply supplementation, garden irrigation, livestock and groundwater replenishing,

Participating in water conservation, you make less adjustments to your lifestyle and you reduce your utility costs by controlling a larger part of production and usage.

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What is the Next Step?

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Let’s talk about your water options and how you can recycle portions of your water to serve other purposes. You already paid for it so before it goes down the drain and is lost why not put it to work in every aspect possible.  This helps you conserve water without crimping lifestyle and it helps curb the increase in water prices and your bill. Couple that with Going Solar and you are taking a holistic approach to helping the environment with modern utilities.

Going Green has never been easier!

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