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The once crazy idea of harnessing the universes most powerful energy source is now changing the way home and business owners are thinking about their utilities. No longer do you have to depend on a utility company for your energy when you can become the producer, the energy provider, for your home or business. Today’s advanced solar technology is not only super efficient and productive, it is cost effective. This gives the property owner the ability to control their future energy costs, saves them tens of thousands of dollars and provides an incredible return on investment for many, many years into the future..

How Solar Works

1. Solar Panels on your roof or ground collect energy directly from the Sun

2. Micro-Inverters or Power Optimizer/Inverters change the DC (direct current) energy collected from the Sun and convert it to AC (alternating current) electricity that your house runs on.

3. Energy-efficient wire cabling transfers the energy to a modern net meter installed by your utility company. This new net meter measures the electricity you produce and send back to the grid. When you make excess energy your meter spins backward, you are making money instead of spending money. The meter would also keep track of any electricity you purchase.

4. You have harnessed the energy from the Sun, converted it to usable energy and now run your entire home from a sustainable, green source of electricity.





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