Save on Electricity with MUS 2000

Solar Power is a great alternative to reduce your dependency on your utility company, save on electricity and produce energy from a natural sustainable source….the Sun!

But the biggest challenge for most homeowners is the cost of making the transition to solar. The average cost for a home solar system is $25,000-$35,000. Many homeowners cannot see beyond the initial investment, many do not have the finances to pay for a system outright and some, even if they want to go solar, do not qualify for the financing.

Two things are certain………

  1. Utility and Electricity costs continue to go up, year after year, with no end in sight. (If only our paychecks would rise as fast we would be OK!)
  2. We are all looking for ways to reduce our dependency and/or save on electricity.

While we are a Solar Company we are also interested in helping as many families as possible to lower their electric bills.

We have an option that can help 100’s of families to lower their electrical bills and not have the challenge of a large up-front investment.

The MUS 2000 is a Fantastic Alternative to Save on Electricity

The MUS 2000 is a type of capacitor, housed in a small electrical box 6” x 6” x 4” that is wired into and installed alongside your main electrical panel. An electrician can do the wiring in about 20 minutes. He will think this is the easiest job he has ever done. It will immediately start to recycle lost energy back into the system. It can save homeowners and business owners up to 20-25% on utility costs.

Finally you will see a utility bill that is going in the right direction…..down!

This is not new technology. It has been used for decades in commercial applications to lower their electrical bills by capturing lost energy in their systems. What is great is that it can work in exactly the same way on a home. Over years of testing we have found these units can save a household anywhere from 12% – 25% off their electrical bill.

It goes without saying that your Utility Company is happy to take your money. The fact is they have been using this same technology to solve their energy loss problem and make their power grids more efficient for years. You have probably seen them on some electrical poles. They make the utility company more efficient but what about you? Have they ever called you up or sent a memo with a solution for your energy loss?


According to the U.S Dept. of Energy: Over 16 Billion Dollars of electricity is unusable energy……..but billable in the U.S.”

What capacitors like the MUS 2000 do is re-capture, reuse or recycle that lost energy and pull it back into the system available as usable electricity. The MUS 2000 makes motors in your home run more efficiently and use less electricity. You will use more of the electricity so you buy less.  Imagine if you lost 20% of the gas you put in your car’s gas tank every time you fill up! You would find a fix pronto! That scenario is happening every day of the week with our electricity…and it has been happening for years, for some of us decades. We didn’t even know it was happening and of course, did not have a solution…until now. It is time to utilize the same technology your utility company and big businesses use for your benefit.


Home Solar Systems are Fantastic but…………

You need $25,000-$35,000 for the installation and payback can take 8-12 years. It is still one of the best home improvements you can make but getting there is the challenge. In comparison, a MUS2000 costs about 100 times less and you will have 100% payback within a year.

Most home solar systems do not cover 100% of electrical usage so if you already have solar, the combination of the two devices will help you save on electricity even more.


Here are the details of the MUS 2000:

  • $257.00 One-Time Investment
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • UL and CUL Listed
  • Save on Electricity: Reduces your bills up to 25%
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • 25 Year Life Expectancy
  • Maintenance Free!
  • Simple 20-minute Installation. Install and start saving now.
  • Works on all voltages up to 240V
  • Protects property against power surges and brownouts (up to 2000 joules)
  • Simple Installation with Full Instructions
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – Use our product and get results. If for any reason you are not satisfied, return the product within 1 year and we will send you a refund!
  • Free Shipping anywhere in the U.S.

Units for 3-Phase and Commercial Applications are available.

Save on your electricity without a big investment!

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