MUS 2000 FAQ


Why hasn’t my Utility Company told me about this?
No utility company really wants you to use less electricity, that is less profit for them. They want you to remain a blind customer for the rest of your life, while they use this technology. They are happy to take your payments and keep you in the dark.
It is a very similar scenario with solar energy. Utility Companies are doing what they can to change legislation to discourage customers from going solar, instituting penalties for solar owners, charging solar owners different rates than regular customers…..all to keep the money flowing from your pocket to theirs.


Is the MUS 2000 UL Listed and CuL listed?
Yes, the MUS 2000 has been thoroughly safety tested and meets the safety requirements by UL. In fact, our manufacturing facility is randomly inspected several times a year to ensure you are receiving top-notch safe equipment.


Does your equipment have Product Liability Insurance?
Yes, the product manufacturer carries a $2M dollar policy to protect you and your loved ones.


Why is the MUS 2000 so Inexpensive? (Compared to 20-25 years of Energy Savings or compared to Solar)
Manufacturing costs are kept low and savings are passed along to you. We understand the $257 is a small price to pay to save approx. 12-20% of your electricity bills for the next 2 decades. We would like our price to be as low as possible, so it’s a no-brainer decision for you to stop paying those high power bills NOW. We want to help EVERY family ACROSS THE GLOBE, lower their energy costs, improve their way of life, and truly change the world for future generations.


Will the MUS 2000 work in my country?
The MUS 2000 works on 50 & 60 Hz for all voltages worldwide up to 240v. It works on 110, 220, or 240v worldwide. No conversion to the product is needed. Buy a MUS 2000 now and your unit will be shipped out right away. Our products have been successfully installed on ALL continents across the globe with no issues reported.


Does the MUS 2000 work properly if I have Solar?
Absolutely! The MUS 2000 helps your property’s motors become more energy efficient, this includes any power inverter you have on your solar system. When your motors/appliances/equipment (A/C, Heat Pump, Washer/Dryer, Refrigerator, Freezers, Water Pumps, etc.) are more efficient, they will require less energy. This will help your home solar system to provide more benefits for you and your property. If you are selling electricity back to the utility provider, this will lower your usage so you can put more money in your pocket.


How many MUS 2000 units do I need?
Usually, a home needs 1 unit. Average homes across the USA (2000 square feet or less) need just 1 unit. The MUS 2000works up to 200 amps. If you are unsure, check your panel box. If your main breaker is 200 amps or less, you will need only 1 unit.
If you have a large property with multiple air conditioners, pool pumps, elevators, motor-driven equipment, etc. call us, we can help you find what is best for your particular property.


How long does the MUS 2000 take to install?
It takes approximately 20-30 minutes to install. If you can switch out a breaker in your breaker panel, you can do it! Click Here to view the Installation Instructions.
If you are unsure how to find a double pole breaker in your breaker panel, we recommend hiring a handyman or electrician to do the job. It’s very fast and inexpensive because it’s such a small job.


I don’t have a Credit Card, can I order through the Mail?
Absolutely, we accept checks & money orders. Click Here & Print Out Mail Your Order Form.

Mail Payment to:
Modern Utility Services
140 No Orange Ave
City of Industry, CA 91744

Please be sure to include your name & address legibly to we can ship out your unit right away. If sending a check, please allow 5 business days for the bank to clear your check.

How long is the Warranty on the MUS 2000?
The MUS 2000 is warrantied for 20 years. Should your product stop working, all you need to do is return it to us. We will fix or replace it and send it back to you. The product has a lifetime of 20-25 years so we stand behind our products throughout their life.

To ship your product back for warranty, send to:
Modern Utility Services – Warranty Dept.
140 No Orange Ave
City of Industry, CA 91744

Please be sure to include your return address legibly inside the package so we can ship back to you right away.

MUS 2000 Features:
Designed to help make your home or business more energy efficient. We do this by recycling energy that is normally lost in your electrical system. By making your motors and appliances (such as your A/C, Refrigerator, Washer/Dryer) more energy efficient we can help you lower your electricity bills.

Energy Star recently reported that heating and cooling accounts for 40-60% of your power bill. That’s HALF of your bill. By making the motors in your home more efficient they run cooler and this increases the life of the motors and appliances in your home as well. This product also works as a whole house surge protector. It will safeguard your home’s expensive motors against power surges (up to 2000 joules of heat) and brownouts.

Email us your interest in the MUS 2000 and start saving on electricity today!