We welcome you to our new revised web presence and to a world of modern home utility services.

Modern Utility was founded on 2 main premises:

  1. We wanted to be more than just another Company offering Solar Energy. Do not take this wrong….we think Solar Energy for households is fantastic. But we wanted to offer more comprehensive options for the modern family. We want to provide smart, efficient options for all of your services. Options that not only help you save money but also make it easy for families take a step to conserve the environment and the planet. Holistic Health is a big movement in the U.S. Why not develop a “Holistic Home”, an eco-friendly environment where your family can grow and live efficiently, healthy and green. We are here to help you do exactly that.
  2. Home improvement companies abound in all areas of the country. Unfortunately most homeowners do not know that much about construction especially some of the high-tech options available today. Contractors are also renown for promising one thing and delivering another. We wanted to forge a company that puts all of the cards on the table for the customer. After being in the Green Energy Marketplace for decades we wanted to build a company where home and business owners could get the best energy-efficient services available for a fair, competitive price. We like to be up-front and over-deliver on what we promise.

We want every project to be a win-win-win scenario:

  • The customer must feel great about the investment they made and beyond all it must make absolute financial sense for them.
  • The project must make sense for us. Our greatest satisfaction is when a customer Thanks Us for a Job Well Done! That is what drives us to help more and more families.
  • The project must provide services that will benefit not only your family, but also your community and our planet.

This is what Modern Utility Services is all about. We are forging a new way of business, a business of benefits for all!

Please let us know how we can be of service to you and your community.

Welcome to Modern Utility Services!