In the U.S, we think a lot about the reasons to adopt home solar power. Sometimes we think to much and do to little that we fail to take advantage of the benefits right in front of us. With so many choices we often forget just how blessed we are.

We think about reasons like:

  • Using Solar Energy to reduce or get rid of our monthly electricity bill
  • Going Solar to help the environment
  • Installing a Home Solar Power System to put our hard earned money to work a little harder
  • Doing a solar installation to take advantage of the Federal and State Incentives while they last
  • Turning to home solar power to take control of our monthly energy expenditures

Look at the picture above. It is from a village in Pakistan. I know it looks kind of funny, and obviously it is not what we are used to seeing in terms of a home solar system. But the funny thing is that there is a higher percentage of huts in this village with solar power than in any neighborhood I have ever visited in the U.S.

Their choice was not whether they wanted to reduce their monthly bill but, whether they wanted electricity…..or not. Home Solar Power is probably providing the first electrical power they have ever had in this village. These are choices many of us have never had to ask ourselves.

Home Solar Power is helping a lot of people all around the world for a lot of different reasons.

And Going Solar Today can help you!

Solar incentives today in the U.S. make the transition to solar very attractive for most homeowners.

Maybe it is time to look into solarizing your home….or your hut!