Solar in the Business World

Commercial Solar has Come of Age

Businesses Going Solar

More and more Top-Tier Companies in the U.S. are moving toward solar and have so for many years. They are using solar to power their storefronts, business and storage facilities all around the country. Large and small businesses are figuring out that they can lower their energy costs, improve their profit margins and gain an all important competitive edge on the competition with solar energy.

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Lower Costs, Increased Efficiency

Many of the best known businesses in the U.S. have more in common than being successful, they have also made the transition to Solar Energy. Businesses focusing on lowering their costs and increasing efficiency are adopting solar in a big way. Major Companies like Fed-Ex, Walmart, Costco and Ikea have figured out that solar has tremendous benefits in the commercial operations. Rising energy costs coupled with the falling costs of solar installation makes Going Solar a very attractive proposition for businesses big and small.

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Why Consider Solar?

No matter what size business you are, a major portion of a businesses operating costs are energy costs. Installing solar helps companies reduces those costs and give them a hedge against future energy increases. By Going Solar, and becoming the energy producer, a business can effectively control and predict their future energy expenditures. Predicting and reducing these essential operating costs gives businesses the opportunity to focus and re-allocate their resources toward more profit-producing business strategies.

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What is the First Step?

Give us a call!

Interested in Solar for your business? Our energy advisors are here to help! Our job is to provide you with all the information you need to see if Going Solar is a wise decision for your business. Let’s take a look at what you are spending and pencil out the Investment Tax Credist, Depreciation and Tax Deduction benefits to show you how a commercial solar system can make incredible sense for a business. Our staff is well versed on the steps involved in both large and small scale commercial projects and we welcome the opportunity to make your energy future more predictable and cost-effective.

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